Sponsors:  Mrs. Procter, (11th/12th members-C101) and Mrs. de Beer (9th and 10th members)

Purpose: Beta Club is a national organization that is committed to achieving academic excellence and providing service for others. In addition to academics and local service projects, Beta Club participates in a state and national convention. In February/early March, Beta Club students from around the state gather to compete in academic/fine art competitions.  

Eligibility: To be accepted, students must:

  • *Be recommended by teachers.
  • *Fill out an online application. 
  • *Maintain an overall (cumulative) average of 90
  • *Be in good standing overall (behavior, attendance, etc.)
  • *Be willing to complete the time commitment
    • For all by-laws and detailed information, please see the attachment below.

Time Commitment:  Members in 11th and 12th grade must complete 20 hours of service PER SEMESTER. Members in 9th and 10th grade must complete 15 hours during FALL semester and 15 hours during SPRING semester.  All Betas must complete AT LEAST 2 hours per month (September-December and January-May).  All Betas must complete 3 Beta-Sanctioned activities PER SEMESTER, including the mandatory Trick or Treat for Cans and Sack Hunger Projects.  For all by-laws and detailed information, please see the attachment below.


Activities: Service hours are considered any unpaid activities that are completed outside of school hours (or during lunch---helping teachers, supervised tutoring, iLead, etc.).  This includes church, charities, neighborhood, etc.  You may NOT "double-dip"---meaning, you cannot use Key Club hours for Beta hours AND Key Club hours.  ALL GRADE LEVEL MEMBERS MUST COMPLETE 3 Beta-specific activities PER SEMESTER as a part of their service.  Our mandatory projects are Trick or Treat for Cans (Fall) and the Sack Hunger Project (Spring); mandatory projects are just that---mandatory.  


Interested in joining??

Membership is open for the 2017-2018 School Year. Applications accepted through August 25. You will receive notifcation of membership after Labor Day.

2017-2018 Application Can Be Found Here:

9th graders/students new to MCHS: The application process will begin in August. PLEASE NOTE: even if you were a member of Jr Beta in middle school, you MUST REAPPLY. Junior and Senior Betas are two different organizations with two different national offices, so your membership will not transfer from one to the other. You MUST REAPPLY if you are a current freshman. The link for applications is below. Applications will close the Friday before Labor Day. As part of your application, you must bring a hard copy of your report card from 8th grade to either Ms Procter or Ms de Beer in addition to completing the online application. 

10th-11th graders: The link for applications is below. Applications will close the Friday before Labor Day. Please make sure to complete all parts of the application. Once we have reviewed your application, your grades, and your discipline record, we will notify you of your status. 

NOTE:  Junior Beta Club membership (Middle School) DOES NOT roll over to high school. Students must REAPPLY if they were in Jr. Beta Club.

2017-2018 Application Can Be Found Here:

 Returning Membership

If you are a RETURNING member of Beta Club, we will be checking your spring grades/hours from last year.  You will receive information BY EMAIL regarding your membership status along with (if applicable) information about dues, meetings, mailing list, etc. by the week after Labor Day.  See Mrs. Procter in C101 or email (  if you do not receive info by the Friday after Labor Day.


Meetings: Meetings are held once a month. 11th/12th will meet in Mrs. Procter’s room, C101.  9th/10th will meet in Mrs. de Beer's room. 2 meetings to choose from---6:50am/2:20pm. 

Meeting dates--- TBA

September 2017 6:50am/2:15pm C101 or C112
October 2017 6:50am/2:15pm C101 or C112
November 2017 6:50am/2:15pm C101 or C112
December 2017   C101 or C112

HOURS DUE December 


By 3pm  

National, State or Local Affiliations:  National Beta Club -