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If your questions are not addressed in the Curriculum links, please feel free to contact the Curriculum Office.

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Mrs. Lacey Jakes, Administrator

Ms. Tania Bethel, Administrator

Samantha Knight, Curriculum Secretary
(678) 765-4899

Anne Parkinson, Registrar
(678) 714-5868

Melanie Pearson, SDMC
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Yearlong scheduling is in place, thus, there will be very little need for schedules to be adjusted at the beginning of, or during, the school year. The ONLY REASONS for dropping/adding within the first three (3) days are:

A. The student has already received credit for the course.

B. The student has not passed the pre-requisite.

C. The student has already failed the course under the assigned teacher.

Students, who meet the above-mentioned criteria, must request schedule changes through the Curriculum Office on the second day of the new semester.

Changes in the student schedule will not be made to move a student from one teacher to another or from one period to another unless the school needs to do so to balance class sizes. THE SCHOOL RESERVES THE RIGHT TO CHANGE SCHEDULES TO BALANCE CLASS SIZE