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Registration for Classes

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College Prep:  General academic coursework that prepares students for college and/or post-secondary plans.

Honors/Gifted:  Requires doing homework on a consistent basis, active participation in class, and reading and studying outside of class.  Honors/Gifted classes have the same course standards.  They are both higher level classes than CP.  The work load is more.  Because of this, colleges are looking for honors and gifted level courses on students’ transcripts.  Gifted courses are available to students who meet specific eligibility criteria.  You must be tested into the Gifted program.  Mill Creek does not recognize Honors as a lower level from Gifted.

Advanced Placement:  AP courses are college-level classes.  AP course-work is demanding and recommended for students who are mature with strong study skills.  AP classes are writing intensive and rigorous.  AP exams are administered for a fee (Your first exam is FREE; you will only be responsible for the $10 registration fee.  Additional exams will be administered for a fee of $92) at the end of the school year.  It is the expectation of Mill Creek High School that you take the AP exams for the AP courses in which you are registered.  Many, but not  all, colleges award credit for passing the exams or allow a student to be exempt from certain college courses.  IT IS OUR HOPE AT MILL CREEK THAT EVERY STUDENT CONSIDER TAKING AT LEAST ONE AP COURSE DURING HIGH SCHOOL.