Schedule Changes

Schedule Changes

***Please note this year's drop/add process ended on Friday May 23, 2018.  No requests will be accepted after that date.***



 REASONS for dropping/adding a class are:

                A.  The student has already received credit for the course.

                B.  The student has not passed the pre-requisite.

                C.  The student has already failed the course under the assigned teacher.


Students, who meet the above-mentioned criteria, should request a schedule change through the Curriculum Office  or with his/her Guidance Counselor within the first week of the semester. 

IMPORTANT:  Requests to move to a new teacher because you do not like your teacher will not be granted.  If you have a particular concern with the way a teacher conducts class or with a teaching style, please contact the Curriculum Office.



Frequently Asked Questions About Schedules... from the GCPS Choice Book:

If I'm not doing well in a course, what should I do?

The first step is to speak with your teacher and set up a time before school or after school for extra help.  Mill Creek also offers a variety of tutoring opportunities during lunch in the areas of Math, Science, Social Studies, and Language Arts (check with your current teacher to find out specific dates and times).  If you need additional suggestions, please schedule an appointment with your counselor.

The best way to make sure you are successful in your classes is to get organized early and stay that way.  Don't wait to get help if you think you need it or are falling behind.  Make sure that you keep up with homework assignments and projects.  Study class lecture notes to review what was taught in class, even when you do not have an assignment due in that subject.  Begin studying for a test several days ahead so that you have time to review the material and retain it.


If I am failing a class, can I drop it mid-semester?

Course selections are for the entire school year. If you are not doing well in a course, please contact the Counseling Office to set up a parent/teacher/student conference. Level changes (moving up or dropping down) will be considered between semesters only.                                    

HONORS/GIFTED - Honors/Gifted classes are designed for students who have mastered pre-requisite knowledge and skills, and are taught by high school teachers with additional training and/or certification.  Mill Creek Honors/Gifted classes also extend the GCPS AKS for students who excel intellecutally and academically.  Students that should register for Honors/Gifted level courses are those of you that do your homework on a consistent basis, are active participants in class, and spend time reading and studying outside of class time.  Honors/Gifted programs offer curriculum at an accelerated pace.  Gifted courses are available for students who meet specific eligibility criteria and students must be tested into the Gifted program. 

Please note that Mill Creek regards Honors and Gifted level courses to be the same (they both follow the same AKS, have the same  level of rigor, and the students who take these courses are held to the same level of expectation), but with different methods of instruction.   Therefore, requests to move a student's class level from Gifted to Honors, will not be granted.