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Students are responsible for returning each issued textbook in a similar condition (to when they received the textbook) at the end of each school year.  Failure to return textbooks each year, pay for damaged textbooks and/or pay for lost textbooks will result in a loss of privileges while in high school.

Privileges Lost:

Students WILL NOT be allowed to participate in graduation activities, including walking at graduation.

  1. Students WILL NOT be allowed to purchase a Mill Creek parking permit.
  2. Students WILL NOT be allowed to attend any school sponsored dance (Homecoming and/or Prom*).
  3. Students WILL NOT be mailed an end of year report card.

*Fees paid for Prom or Homecoming tickets will NOT be refunded.

If you have any overdue, damaged and/or lost textbooks on your record, the privileges above will be lost until such overdue, damaged and/or lost textbooks are cleared from your record. 

Note:  Fines/fees from elementary and middle school follow you to high school.  Any outstanding fines/fees for parking, athletics, cafeteria, media center, fundraising, etc. will result in these same privileges being denied until such fines/fees are cleard from your record.