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The Dance Club:


Ms. Muck Sponsor

Room G6


The Dance Club is designed to give students exposure to a variety of dance forms and to further their dance technique.


The Dance Club will meet once per month from 2:30 until 3:45.



The dues are $20.00 for the year. The dues will cover the cost of all master classes and a Dance Club t-shirt.  Fees are paid through mypaymentsplus.


Every month there will be a master class given in various dance forms. The class will run from 2:30 until 3:45. All classes will be in the Dance Studio.  Be sure to always check the Dance Bulletin Board for any cancellations.



Ms. Muck, Sponsor


 Room G6

The National Dance Honor Society:

Nu Delta Alpha is an Honor Society for dancers. A GPA of 80 or better must be maintained to be eligible. There are yearly dues, and seniors are eligible to graduate with honors if they meet the criteria.

What is Nu Delta Alpha (NDA)?

Nu Delta Alpha is the Premiere Honor Society recognizing Students and Professionals for High Achievements in Dance.

  • designed for dance education students, dance educators, and professional dancers to express their devotion to the art form by sharing, recognizing, and promoting dance education within schools and communities.
  • chapters are designated for middle through high school, college through professional levels, private studios, and preparatory and home schools.
  • students and professionals have the opportunity to advocate for dance education.
  • Mission Statement:
    The National Dance Association leads in promoting and supporting creative, artistic and healthy lifestyles through quality services and programs in dance and dance education.


Dance is an elective option within the Fine Arts Department for all students at Mill Creek High School. The Mill Creek Dance Dept. provides students with the technical skills, vocabulary and historical knowledge necessary to gain an understanding and appreciation in dance. Classes consist of ballet, jazz and modern dance, Dance History and Movement Science.

Mill Creek Dance Dept. offers classes in three levels that are available to students in all grade levels.

Introduction to Dance:

                Audition required. Open to all students with little or no prior dance training

Intermediate Dance:

                Audition required. Open to all grade levels with several years dance training.

Advance Dance:

Audition required. Open to all grade levels with many years of dance training.



If you are interested in being a part of the MCHS dance program contact

Ms. Muck @ 678-765-5296 or email


For More Information on Mill Creek Dance go to my webpage - Suzanne Muck, Fine Arts Department