Graduation Dress Code

Graduation Dress Code

Graduation Dress Code:  Caps should be placed on the head so that the mortarboard is level. The front of the cap is indicated on the inside of the crown. Caps are never worn on the back of the head. For graduation, caps are worn parallel to the ground with the point in the center of the forehead. Caps should be held in place with bobby pins. At the beginning of the ceremony, tassels are positioned ON THE RIGHT.

***You are not allowed to DECORATE your Cap at all.***  This includes cap toppers.



Wear simply styled, lightweight dresses without high necklines. Dress collars should not show in the opening of the gown.  Do not wear excessively full skirts.   If your dress is longer than your graduation gown, use masking tape to temporarily hem the dress so it is not longer than your gown.   No strapless dresses.  No halter top or backless dresses.  Shoulders and back should be covered.  Neckline should be appropriate. Skirt length should be appropriate.  If your dress or skirt is determined to be too short, you will be asked to return home and change. Dressy shoes are required. You may wear flats or dressy open-toed shoes, and only skin colored hose if desired. Shoes should be black, white, or bone colored.  No other colors allowed! 

FLIP-FLOPS, CASUAL SANDALS, AND TENNIS SHOES ARE NOT ALLOWED. Sandals should have a strap on the back of the heel.



Wear a collared dress shirt, dark colored dress pants, black socks, dark colored tie, and black dress shoes.  FLIP-FLOPS, CASUAL SANDALS OR TENNIS SHOES ARE NOT ALLOWED. Jeans are NOT ALLOWED! Shorts are NOT ALLOWED!


Please remember, parents and seniors, this is a formal ceremony, so seniors should be dressed in a way that expresses this occasion.   The outline above follows the dress code for MCHS.