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Hawks Soar Through Jumpstart Reading Opportunities, 2017-2018

Mill Creek’s Language Arts Department encourages everyone to continue reading through the summer months. Reading helps review essential skills for the upcoming semester, begins the bridge from one grade-level to the next, and provides baseline data for the upcoming school year. Reading, also, can improve your health.


According to studies compiled by Book Insider (2017) , reading can:

Even more, reading during the summer can reduce “summer slide.” Students who don’t read,  or read infrequently during their summer vacation, see their reading abilities stagnate or decline. However, “summer slide” can be avoided if you read during the summer months.  In fact, the more engaged you are in the text, the more you comprehend, and the more your critical reading skills improve.


So, what will you read? Below, you will find links to each course’s jumpstart opportunity. This opportunity can help you get ahead on the first assignment of the school year and will be used for the first in-class writing assignment. We strongly encourage you to start this over the summer but it will also be assigned the first day of school and will be due within the first few weeks of school.


Before committing to a book, please peruse the book reviews and review the content with your parents. Make sure the book piques your interest and is appropriate for you.  If none of the books on the list meets your family’s preferences, please contact Department Chairperson Kaysheila Mitchell to discuss an alternate title. Also, remember, this is not a collaborative assignment. The jumpstart assignment is an individual assessment of your reading skills and basic understanding of your text. Therefore, your answers should be your original idea. So, please, avoid all online and published databases, as well as working with a partner.



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