Prom FAQs

Prom Questions and Answers

 When is the MCHS 2019 Prom?

May 11, 2019 from 8:00pm-11:00pm

Where is the MCHS 2019 Prom?

Gwinnett Center Grand Ballroom

Where do I pay for Prom?

Payments are made on My Payments Plus

What is the theme of the MCHS 2019 Prom?

The prom theme has yet to be decided for this year.  : ) 


What is the dress code for the MCHS 2019 Prom?

Dress code for prom is formal attire.  No denim is allowed.

Who makes decisions about the MCHS 2019 Prom?

The Junior Class Sponsors and the Junior Cabinet make decision regarding prom with final approval from Mr. Lane.

Where can I get information on limosines that are registered with the public service commission?

That information is available in this letter from the Georgia Public Service Commission: Limousines.doc

How much is Prom if I'm a Junior?

$100 (Pays for both Junior & Senior prom)**

**The DEADLINE to pay Junior Dues and/or the Senior Prom dues is Friday, May 10, 2019.

How much is Prom if I'm paying for senior year only?


When will students receive prom tickets?

There is no physical ticket, but you can confirm payment the week of prom before or after school with Mrs. Fowler. Prom tickets are reserved for you when you pay junior dues.

Who can I see for questions?

Mrs. Fowler (Room C106)

What if I want to bring a date to prom who doesn't go to MCHS?

Prom date tickets will be available after spring break, April 9th. Prom date tickets are for a prom date who does NOT attend Mill Creek or is an underclassman (freshman or sophomore) at Mill Creek.  Date tickets are $35.


Please Read Carefully!! In order for you to bring a date to MCHS prom who is not an MCHS student or who is an underclassman at MCHS, you must FIRST pay your Junior Dues and then buy a date ticket. If you do not pay your junior dues, the date ticket will NOT be issued. Please note that your date MUST be an MCHS underclassman or a non-MCHS student to use this date ticket for entrance. All dates must be 20 years of age or younger to be admitted into MCHS prom. People 21 years of age or older will NOT be admitted into MCHS prom.


Note: your date must arrive with you to be admitted into the prom. Individuals will NOT be admitted without an MCHS students as their date upon entrance into the event. The individual using the date ticket needs to bring a school id if they are a high school student or a driver's license if they are not enrolled in a high school.