Scholarships for Freshman, Sophomores, & Juniors

Scholarships for Freshman, Sophomores, & Juniors




All students can open accounts and start applying for scholarships - click on "Listing of Scholarship Websites" on the Home Page of The Pad.  Many scholarships listed in the Scholarship newsletter and on the Scholarships for Seniors page are open to all ages.

 Earn scholarship dollars for good grades and achievements. 

On students, as early as 9th grade, are able to earn scholarship money from 140 partner colleges for academic and extracurricular achievements before they apply.  These bite-sized scholarships are called micro-scholarships and they add up quick!

When students add achievements to their Portfolio on, they earn Micro-Scholarships from the partner colleges that they are following.  These achievements include good grades, participating in clubs, playing on a sports team, volunteering,visiting a college campus, and much more. Students can also include AP or IB courses, honors classes, and college-level courses.

Washington Youth Tour

for sophomores and juniors Jackson EMC is sending 4 exceptional student delegates on an all-expense paid prestigious leadership trip to Washington, DC  for the WYT.  Each school will  pick 1 student to be a semi-finalist.  For more information or to be considered for nomination, please come by The Pad to pick up more information.


 The Posse Foundation, Inc.  This is a four year tuition only amazing leadership scholarship.  You will have the opportunity to attend one of the Posse’s Atlanta’s Partner Colleges:  The College of Wooster, Bard College, Brandeis University, Boston University or Texas A&M University.  You will need to be nominated by your counselor in order to move forward to becoming a Posse Scholar!  The type of student that is a Posse Scholar may or may not have the strongest GPA or test score (SAT/ACT must have taken or will take before the last June test).  They are looking for natural born leaders. Strong communication skills, involved but not over involved, outgoing and have a drive to succeed.  We currently have a Posse Scholar, Tyffany English, who will be attending Brandeis University!!  For more information visit  This is wonderful opportunity!! 


Digital has several scholarship opportunites available.  Use your knowledge in why you shouldn't text and drive, why you should recycle, digital privacy and other topics to earn money for college.


The “No Essay Scholarship” – instead - “Take a Quiz Scholarship” sponsored by Common Knowledge Scholarship Foundation.  Register @ and participate in various quizzes for scholarship money that range from $250 to $2,500.  This is open to 9th – 12th grade students, as well as college students. 



JUNIORS - If you are interested in applying to the United States Military Academy, or an ROTC program - you should start researching what you need to be currently working on for the Spring of your Junior year


For information about applying for a Nomination to a Service Academy:


Army ROTC:

Marine ROTC:

National Guard:

Navy ROTC:

North Georgia College Cadet Admissions INFO:


Academy Day @ Dobbins Air Reserve Base in Marietta, GA.  - All five service academies will be in attendance and ready to answer questions.  This is open to 9th - 12th grade students & parents. You must make a reservation & present photo i.d.  More information and dates to come. 


News from Georgia Tech:  Visit Programs for Students - take advantage of our visit programs, including open houses, overnight programs, academically focused sessions, and our popular freshman session and tour.