Senior Walk

Senior Walk 2018

Senior Walk: April 18th @ 9:45

Parents: our route is designed so that everyone will be able to see their senior as they walk by. After the seniors take their class picture, they will exit out the gym door to the outside behind the school. They will turn right toward the student parking lot then they will march up the “Pride of Mill Creek Road”. Seniors will enter the 1st door (closest to the flag pole) and march around the 4 pillars in the commons area. Seniors will then march the route inside the building, and finally exit the building and end up at the huge tent outside football field to start the carnival. Parents will be not be able to enter the building until 9:30 am, but you can line up outside anytime starting at 9:00 am. You can line up outside the school on the left hand side of the building, and around the pillars in the commons area. Parents will not be allowed in any other places in the school building. You can meet your senior outside at the large tent near the football field for pictures. Our hope is that every parent will get a chance to see their senior as they do this wonderful Mill Creek tradition. Please refer to the map below for you to see where you can line up to view the walk.

 senior walk route map