Young Democrate of America

Young Democrats of America (YDA)


Mission Statement of the Young Democrats of America

The Young Democrats of America High School Caucus shall be an organization dedicated to the cause of increasing youth political awareness and involvement in the civic arena. This organization shall be committed to the defense and fostering of progressive values and ideals and shall strive to build strong bonds with the next generation of Democrats. The members of this organization are committed to representing the Democratic Party at the local, state, and national level. This caucus will empower high school students and allow them to share their VOICE (Values of Informed Civic Engagement).

Brief Description and History

The Young Democrats of America High School Caucus is the official national organization for high school students in the Democratic Party. As part of the Young Democrats of America and therefore the Democratic National Committee the members of this organization represent high school students at all levels of the Democratic Party and work to build bridges to the next generation of Democrats. With members from across the nation and numerous states the caucus is constantly working to increasing youth activism, awareness, and participation in the Democratic Process.

The Young Democrats of America High School Caucus is only a relatively new organization. Founded in December of 2005, it was the combined vision of Ahmed Kokon (NY) and Jonathan Padilla (CA). Following the 2005 Young Democrats of America National Convention held in San Francisco, California these two started a national dialogue working toward the goal of creating a nationwide group for high school students. The caucus was then started in on December 2nd, 2005 in Phoenix Arizona.

Faculty Sponsor: Mr. T.J. Kiep (Room A111, Social Studies Dept.)

Officers: TBA, 2017-18             Meeting Dates/Times/Location: Fridays, 6:45am, beginning August 25, in A111.

Members of the chapter engage in debates, voter registration drives, campaigns, observe Jefferson-Jackson Day and are encouraged to become involved in the political process of our republic. In addition, members are called upon to perform occasional volunteer service for the community or the party.


The Mill Creek chapter is affiliated with the Young Democrats of America.

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